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How the Beads are made...from the Inside out!
-Chad Pitts

First let me start by saying that these are unlike any beads you have seen before, I call them beads but that may not be the best name for them as when most people think of beads they think of some little mass produced items that are strung together. Maybe neck candy is a better term? Each of these pieces are a hand blown, signed, original work of art, no two pieces are alike, they’re meant to be worn alone, whether displayed on gold, silver, silk, leather or hemp, these beads make the perfect accessories for any occasion!

These unique works of art are hand blown out of borosilicate glass at
temperatures upwards of 2600 degrees. Borosilicate glass or Pyrex is a high quality high temperature glass which is commonly used in cook and lab ware. I begin by blowing a ball on the end of a blow tube (slightly bigger than a golf ball), I blow the end out and spin it vigorously in the flame to open the end and create a funnel shape. Next I burn or vapor gold and/or silver as well as the finest colored glass into the funnel, alternating layers to achieve the desired result. This gives the piece a unique iridescent or metallic sheen. Then I close the end and reduce the piece, which embeds the colors and leaves a unique design beneath a thick layer of clear glass, which has a remarkable depth. Then I will begin to shape the piece by heating sections of the glass and using my breath to blow or slightly contract areas of the glass to achieve the desired shape, depending on the shape I am creating I may also cut it with shears, mash it with graphite or just let gravity work its magic! No molds or mandrels are used! Once I have the shape I want I will blow out the holes. Finally I will anneal the piece, I soak the piece in a kiln at 1050 degrees and slowly cool this aligns the molecules of the glass, which makes the piece very durable. The result is a beautiful one-of-a-kind work of art, full of rich shimmering colors and mind-boggling depth! This unique process gives these beads a look all their own!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my work!!
Hope you're having a wonderful day!